our story

Robert K. Watts, a native of Dayton, Ohio, 1974 graduate of University of Dayton where he majored in business and criminal justice. He has over 38 years of experience in the nation-wide exhibits and events industry. He began working with the industry in 1977 with Giltspur Exhibits learning exhibits construction from start to finish. Over the years he has serviced hundreds of trade show and exhibit properties in the automotive, entertainment and retail industry.

In 2006 after much encouragement, Robert gave birth to Watts Exhibits & Events (WEE) and has continued to service hundreds of properties in the exhibit industry, where he not only provides construction services, but also consultation, logistics planning, material storage, transportation and project management.

WEE carefully examines project costs to ensure cost effective solutions are in play. From expense management to freight, WEE pride ourselves on always delivering on time and under or at budget. If “price-competitive” is what you are looking for, WEE will greatly exceed your expectations…Just ask our industry peers, from convention centers to transportation partners. “Our reputation stands strong.”

- Robert Watts, CEO